Exhibition took place in Prisma Estúdio art gallery in Lisbon in 2019. It was created as a metaphor for being cast away on a desert island of one’s mind.
The idea was born with the series of eight linocut prints about bitter-sweet solitude in a lush-green tropical place. Somewhere far between never-ending sapphire-blue waters, one day she finds herself surrounded by nature, plants, and animals instead of other humans.
All the paintings and prints in the exhibition are allegoric images of a woman in exile, in the company of her own. Voluntarily, against her will, or without any reason at all, she is alone, facing the wilderness. She waits for somebody to look for her, to rescue her, but nobody comes. Her mind, her heart, and her surroundings now look like an untouched, ancient tropical forest, full of secrets and mystery.
It is a journey of discovery through the grief of the lost life of the past, which leads to adaptation, alliance with the unknown, and inevitable transformation.
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